Sunday, October 24, 2010

.:Hallowe'en:Horror:Project:. Day 24

Day 23: Today's films may seem a little counter intuitive to horror purists, but hear me out. I watched Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas", my favorite British horror film "The Wicker Man" & John Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct 13." I realize that "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is a stop-motion animation "kids" film, but I feel that it captures a lot of the Hallowe'en spirit in it & that Tim Burton & Henry Selick both very much had the holiday on their minds while producing the film. "Assault on Precinct 13" may seem more of an action film, but I contend that it exploits the horror of urban blight & feelings of isolation that come from living in large cities. As for "The Wicker Man", well, this film is simply amazing. I watched it today with commentary from Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee & the director Robin Hardy, which was delightful. Old British men reminiscing on a something they did 30 some years ago is always entertaining, be it film or football or what have you.

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  1. well the Wicker Man is just one of the best movies ever. but as much as i tried, and as right as you are about the spirit of it all, i could never get into Nightmare Before Christmas. maybe it's the musical, not sure. even seeing it in 3D in the theaters was a treat, but i get bored so quickly with it. my biggest problem is that although i'm glad he exists, and i hope he makes 100 movies more, but i think i hate Tim Burton. he's just not for me