Saturday, October 16, 2010

.:Hallowe'en:Horror:Project:. Day 16

Day 16:
Today was rough day in Horror film watching. After starting off with an oldie but great-y with "Bride of Frankenstein", I followed up with "Rawhead Rex" (turns out if you disliked the short story you're probably not gonna like the poorly made film) & finished off with "Sundown:Vampires In Retreat". Really? David Carradine's character named Mardulak was Dracula the whole time. Huh. Didn't see that one coming...oh wait...
"Sundown" is a pretty fun movie but by no means is it good or even worth your time. Bruce Campbell, M. Emmett Walsh, Gerardo (yes THAT Gerardo) & the dude who played Bobby on Twin Peaks make it passable.
All in all not a bad day in film. Rough, but not bad.

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  1. just watched Gods & Monsters about James Whale. it was our transition movie out of our hallowed november into and past all saint's day. made me appreciate Whale and Bride again, though mostly because of the reminder more than anything