Monday, October 11, 2010

.:Hallowe'en:Horror:Project:. Day 11

Day 11: I'm finding it start to be a bit of a downer that I need to watch a movie everyday. I'm curious to see how I fare this week with Onodrim recording Wednesday through Saturday. My time will be tight! Speaking of tight, today's film is a loosey goosey piece of Universal cash-in called "House of Frankenstein". It features Dracula (played by John Carradine), Wolfman (Lon Chaney Jr, reprising his role) Dr. Niemann (played by Boris Karloff) & Frankenstein's Monster (played by Glenn Strange). The whole story seems pretty slapdash about a mad scientist who gets loosed from jail with his hunchbacked minion, finds the skeleton of Dracula in a sideshow, thaws out the Monster & the Wolfman, has a gypsy lady hanging around, blah blah blah... That said I find it rather enjoyable in a similar fashion to "Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein". We got this movie as part of the Universal re-issue set of Frankenstein. Those sets are pretty dang sweet. Anywho, here's to keeping on with my mission to watch a movie a day.

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