Sunday, October 24, 2010

.:Hallowe'en:Horror:Project:. Day 23

Day 22: Today's film is the Larry Cohen film "Q" or "Q-The Winged Serpent" or "The Winged Serpent." Any name you call it it's still a movie that could have been better than it was. The film start off with something loose in the air above NYC wreaking havoc & decapitating window washers. The monster effects are handled pretty well in stop motion, but the two story lines of the petty crook & the Aztec cult bringing their god back to life were not handled well. Mobsters & monsters rarely mix to good effect. With the likes of Michael Moriarty, Richard Roundtree & David Carridine this should have at the very least been a campy good time. It was not. I do however think that if I had seen this film in my youth I would have some affection for it. Jen pointed out that it was like a bad episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker. I couldn't agree with her more. She's smart. If you don't believe me check her blog out,

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