Sunday, August 22, 2010

The House of the Devil

The House Of The Devil - Trailer
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Just watched this movie on Netflix instant watch thingy & I really enjoyed it. It was a movie that used the Satanic Panic of the 80's as a main trope then mixed in a slasher movie, alone in a house being stalked sort of thing. Very tense & atmospheric. A well done homage to 70's & 80's horror. Plus I really dig the poster art for the film. Give it a chance if you've got the time.


  1. Man, oh man. I really like this movie, as well. Such a subtly treated homage to all the things about slow-burn early 80's horror that I fucking love. I like that despite being so precisely plotted, timed, etc. to be those movies, that it doesn't feel like it's falling in to the traps that it easily could have. And it really feels like no one is treating it like a joke, or trying to overly cleverly nod at the reference points ripe in it's construction.

  2. currently going on the queue thanks to you and Justin. have to tell you from a sub-nerdier place though, that poster and lettering alone would've had it included in the must-watch-this-month list